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Streamline Service Procedures for Prompt Resolution.   

Incorporating AI assistance to improve service and maintenance workflows for addressing and resolving problems

safety and troubleshooting aiengine X2

Industry agnostic LLM modules for field, shopfloor & support teams 

 Step by Step Troubleshooting & Resolution guide 
Enable smooth collaboration among teams
Create Personalized AI-Knowledge Bank and SOPs
Ensure EHS procedures before fixing

Reformation of legacy workflow systems  

AI-engine solution offering transformative efficiency in industry. Addressing time-consuming tasks like managing phone calls, paper manuals, and breakdown reports, reclaiming up to 40% of employees' time and boosting profitability by mitigating financial losses, averting knowledge loss due to retiring staff, and reducing downtime and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) through streamlined processes.

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Tech Support

Call Center

Field Service


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