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Elevate your Industry with Maintenance & Service Co-Pilot.

Meet ZippiAi, your productivity booster! Our co-pilot simplifies tasks, navigates complexities, and ensures a smooth partnership for increased efficiency. Upscale your processes with ZippiAi today!

Electricity Repair Work
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Troubleshooting & Production loss

ZippiAi's personalized AI assistant provides instant access to troubleshooting instructions, codes, and domain expert knowledge. Co-pilot is making sure engineers can cut down on waiting time and avoid production delays in getting things done, all the time .

Ai assistance in maintenance process and troubleshooting activity to industries

Collaborate Easily with your Expert Engineers knowledge

Build your personalized network of skilled industry engineers using with ZippiAi. We simplify the process, making it seamless for you to work together and share insights effortlessly. Maintenance and service co-pilot enables quick and smooth collaboration, allowing you to connect, innovate and empower corrective maintenance.

ZippiAi personalized knowledge development for engineers

Custom procedure and faster onboarding

Build your personalized hub for sharing your custom procedure. We make it easy for individuals to document their innovative procedures. With ZippiAi, engineers can create customized maintenance and service instructions to showcase and exchange valuable insights, fostering a community of knowledge-sharing, problem-solving, cut down training cost and enable faster onboarding.

ZippiAi personal assistance helps in reducing mean time to repair and downtime

Unparalleled value that ZippiAi brings

Get Maintenance and Service instruction in seconds

Personalized Ai powered knowledge base tailor towards your daily needs

No more Backroom searching for troubleshooting documentation

Boost your production rate with Co-pilot for accelerated growth

Backed by

ZippiAi is backed by Techstars US
ZippiAi is backed by Alchemist Accelerator
ZippiAi is backed by Joules Accelerator
ZippiAi is backed by NEXT CANADA
ZippiAi is backed by NEXT CANADA
ZippiAi is backed by Mila Montreal

Featured in

ZippiAi  maintenance and service copilot is featured in geekwire
ZippiAi is featured in business journal
ZippiAi is featured in yourstory media

Restructuring maintenance & service processes with ZippiAi

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