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Safety & Troubleshooting Ai-Engine X2

Simplify the troubleshooting process while ensuring safety compliance in issue resolution.

Muiltifacility knowledge base management and Ai copilot for troubleshooting and resolution

Gain Immediate Assistance

MaintenanceGPT combines tribal knowledge for immediate issue resolution, facilitates upskilling via personalized innovation hub, streamlines onsite data for quicker resolution and improved Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), cuts onboard training with native language support, and maintains compliance across processes.

Ensure compliance with instant MaintenanceGPT access and custom solutions documentation.
AI Engine X2 to streamline legacy data troubleshooting and set new maintenance standards.

ZippiAi Engine X2: Effortlessly troubleshoot using historical data, enhancing efficiency and establishing new maintenance benchmarks.

simplifying learning for technicians

preserving tribal knowledge

minimizing downtime with higher

first time fix rate

streamlining onsite information retrieval

ensuring compliance with GMP across regulatory

QMS, documentation, quality control, and risk management standards

Step by Step Troubleshooting & Resolution guide 

Rapid Issue Resolution and expert guidance to improve problem-solving and increase first-time fix rate for smooth operations.

Enable Smooth Collaboration among teams

Enhanced Team Collaboration for expedited troubleshooting & resolution. Intra/inter-facility connectivity fosters knowledge exchange and rapid insights into processes and procedures.

Create Personalized Ai-Knowledge Bank

Unified AI-powered platform for knowledge creation & ingestion. Seamless Multiplatform Integration for structured knowledge database.

AI created SOP, processed and safety instructions

Employ AI for generating standard operating procedures, processes, and safety instruction guides by seamlessly analyzing text, videos, and images.

Ensure EHS Procedures Before Fixing

Structured guidance for implementing EHS procedures to prevent workplace accidents and ensure compliance.

Let's make maintenance effortless together

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